WELCOME TO OUR 3rd Annual “Health Road Show”
16-24th July 2019

Free Health Road Show LIVE seminars – online and offline

Here are KinesiologyZone we’re getting ready for our 3rd “Road Show”.  It’s an opportunity for people to hear more about this amazing therapy and approach to understanding health better.  For example, if you want to lose weight you know that what you eat is important, but you also know that exercise (moving the body) is important, and your mindset also has to be in the right place.  We know that it’s not just about focusing on one area, but to get the results you want, by working from a whole person approach, with the body, not against it, good health is easier, faster and treatment more effective.

If you’re not getting the results you want, if you’ve niggling health issues, or chronic problems that aren’t going away, the first place to look is what you’re doing every day – the daily habits that are just part of our routine way of living.

So we’re offering an exciting mix of events to enjoy over this 10 day “Health Road Show”.  We’ll have free talks and free online webinars to enjoy from Tuesday 16th July.  We’ll cover different topics about health and well-being, as well as webinars especially for practitioners of other modalities.

On Wednesday 24th July, we will be running the grand finale – our popular “Taster Event” where you can attend in person and experience Kinesiology for yourself.  More details about our Kinesiology Taster Event can be found on this page. Check out the rest of the Health Road Show below:

Tuesday 16th July 2019 at 8pm – Introduction to Systematic Kinesiology – Free webinar and live demonstration, OPEN TO ALL

A Systematic Kinesiology principle is to look at health from a whole person perspective.  Also that each person is unique and that general guidelines are not serving us.  The body is fascinating, and muscle testing is the energetic biofeedback system that enables us to dialogue with the body.  It allows us identify what is stressing the body and where health issues stem from. The practitioner learns to interpret what corrections the body needs to come back into balance.  Kinesiology takes the guesswork out of health care.  By working with a wide range of areas – emotional work, nutritional, physical and energetic systems – results are impressive.  On this introduction we’ll share the power, simplicity and practical ways that Kinesiology can help you.  Systematic Kinesiology is non-invasive, drug free and enormously empowering. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!  Join Siobhan and fellow practitioners as they share lots of tips and advice!

Tuesday 16th July – 8pm (Irish time)

  • Introduction to Systematic Kinesiology – a health care system for all. REGISTER HERE

Specialist Topics

This year we’re focussing on two key areas of health – digestion and tiredness.

Wednesday 17th July – 8pm (Irish time)

Practitioner-focussed Webinars

Are you already working as a health practitioner? Interested in enhance your current skills? Select to attend our free training webinars below that best suits your current modality, whether massage, reflexology, physiotherapy, yoga or nutrition.  Let us showcase how Kinesiology could be the perfect blend with what you already do.

Thursday 18th July – 8pm (Irish time)

  • Systematic Kinesiology for practitioners of other modalities. Register here

Monday 22nd July – 8pm (Irish time)

  • Systematic Kinesiology for  Physiotherapists with Margaret  Fitzgibbon.  Register here

Systematic Kinesiology has helped broad my understanding of complementary approaches to healing. I had already studied Reiki and Reflexology and found that SK was more direct in diagnosing problems and then treating them. SK takes an initial general approach by testing all the various muscles and then treating the muscle(s)/organ(s) that have been found to be weak. I like this aspect of SK. I found the Balanced Health course a very good introduction to SK.  Barry, Spring 2019 at our Derry Course

DATES AND TOPICS – Click the link to register for any or all you’d like to attend:

  • Tuesday 16th July at 8pm – Open to Everyone.  Introduction to Systematic Kinesiology – a health care system for all. Register here
  • Wednesday 17th July at 8pm – Digestion and Resolving Tiredness Session – Register Here
  • Thursday 18th July at 8pm – Systematic Kinesiology for practitioners of other modalities. Register here
  • Monday 22nd July at 8pm – Systematic  Kinesiology for Physiotherapists with Margaret  Fitzgibbon.  Register here

For those keen to experience muscle testing and balancing in person, then check out our Health Road Show Grand Finale – our KinesiologyZone Taster Events.

ATTEND OUR special showcase evening – The Taster Event (live in 8 venues) on Wednesday 24th July at 7.30pm – €25 entry.

Check out all the details over on this page: