Health Show Episode #3 about breastfeeding

The Health Show - National Breastfeeding Week with Gemma McGowan

In this week’s Episode, we talk to Gemma McGowan, Systematic Kinesiology Practitioner, and busy mum!

Since it’s National Breastfeeding Week here in Ireland, who better to talk to than our own Gemma McGowan. On this Episode:

  • Gemma shares with us her passion for breastfeeding her children,
  • Her commitment even when it gets difficult to keep going,
  • Why breast is not “best” but is biologically normal,
  • How milk can change to suit the child’s needs,
  • the available support here in Ireland
  • and her upcoming masterclass where you can learn more

Interested in learning more – you’re invited to our Breastfeeding Masterclass taking place online on Wednesday 19th of October.  Click for more details.