Have we been wrong about addiction?

Is it possible to treat addiction holistically or it is simply a matter of avoidance?

A discussion came up in one of our classes last week about addiction, and how we can help people using Systematic Kinesiology.  The discussion centred around sugar and other substances that have an impact on raising blood sugar (and adrenaline) and the body’s need to keep blood sugar in balance.Addiction holistic approach

What’s interesting about addiction is the idea (considered a fact) that the thing that you are addicted to is the very thing that makes you addicted.  Alcohol, cigarettes, and stimulants such as caffeine, sugar and other food.  I found this quick video that gives a good argument (albeit about drugs) that suggests it’s not a simple as that.  Well worth a watch since it starts to question and challenge what we believe to be true.

My own experience and from a Systematic Kinesology holistic perspective I would agree; addiction is not as simple as avoiding the substance.  Life in general is not as simple. The problem I have is that simply avoiding pays little attention to other underlying factors. Such as, why a person start to look for outside of themselves.  Was there an emotional need not being met, was there a desire to feel different. When we look at the body’s biochemistry, or adrenal exhaustion and other organ balance, we get a bigger picture. More options. All these play a significant role in managing cravings, energy levels and sense of purpose/happiness. Only when we start to deal with the other factors that are crucial to address so that the person can return to being a non-smoker, a non-drinker (since they were at some stage in their life).

Each person is unique, has a unique personal history. We are all different and yet mostly treated in a standardised approach.  When treatment of addiction focusses soley on avoiding the “addictive” substance, without paying attention to each person’s as an individual, it’s too simple.

Watch this interesting video that suggests that everything we think we know about addiction is wrong.

This video is adapted from Johann Hari’s New York Times best-selling book ‘Chasing The Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs.’ For more information, and to take a quiz to see what you know about addiction, go to www.chasingthescream.com

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  1. Geraldine Dolan
    Geraldine Dolan says:

    Great video, gave me an insight into addiction that I never considered before, eye opening!! Thanks Siobhan

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