A big part of what we focus on is the change we want to make.  Empowering people with knowledge and skills to make better health choices for themselves is what keeps us going.  Our fully integrated approach is what we want to share with the world, so we’re dreaming big – so that the whole world can benefit. 

India – in 2015 KinesiologyZone had the opportunity to visit Mumbai and work with CORO, a non-profit organisation that works with grassroots and marginalised communities. They run 100s of projects empowering the leaders of the future by working towards equality and justice. They are tackling endemic issues in India’s most marginalised communities and tackling tough issues.

Over two days, we shared the simple basic principles of Systematic Kinesiology, and share the language of muscle testing, which of course is not English-language dependent.  We hope to return to Mumbai in the future.