Stress Release and Fatigue Recovery



Reclaim your peace of mind,


Regain your optimum energy levels


Get back your zest for life & move forward!

FREE:   Talk & demonstration on how
Systematic Kinesiology can bring your stress
and energy levels back into

Wednesday – 9th September – 7.30pm to 9.30pm

Sheraton Hotel, Athlone, Co Westmeath

Gain an understanding of the full map of your health and
see a live demo of how Systematic Kinesiology
can find your root issue and resolve it quickly and naturally.

Find out more information about how you
can learn Systematic Kinesiology for yourself – coming to Athlone!

Admission is free but booking is essential.


(All attendees of the talk can avail of a special offer of 18% discount (save €197) off the Systematic Kinesiology training course.  See bottom of page for more details) 


Do you recognise any of these symptoms in you or someone you know:

  • Overwhelmed,

  • Easily stressed,

  • Unable to cope

  • Can’t stop your racing mind

  • Feels like stress has a hold on you rather than the other way round

  • Exhausted even after a full night’s sleep/ Waking up feeling heavy

  • You “crash” or get sick on your holidays

  • Difficulty concentrating,

  • Feel blocked or stressed when trying to achieve your goals

  • Know you could be achieving more but don’t know how

  • Hard to “wind down” after a busy period,

  • Constant colds/flus/infections.

  • Depressive tendencies,

  • Digestive upsets

  • Headaches

  • Persistent low mood,

  • Addicted to/relying on substances to keep you going (alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, sugar & other drugs)

  • Poor sleep patterns



If you recognise the above symptoms in you, then dealing with them sooner rather than later is the kindest thing you can do for yourself now, and for your future. 




The Problem

Our modern lifestyles have pushed us to the limit, we are over-stretching ourselves mentally, emotionally and physically. Your body was designed perfectly well to respond to short bursts of stress and exertion. But what it isn’t equipped for is the constant day in day out  stresses and strains that a lot of us are going through. The short term stress, you can recover from with a bit of simple self care. Constant stress and strain on the other hand, needs some form of support for you to fully recuperate from. Make no mistake, unremitting stress and fatigue is a slow killer,  our body breaks down and becomes inefficient paving the way for chronic ill health. We were meant to consciously direct our mind to generate positive emotions and pleasing results, but instead most of us allow our minds to roam from stress to stress and focus on things that cause negative emotion,  this wears us down and gives us results we don’t want in our life. We must learn the greatest secret ever, what we think, we become, but this can require some guidance and support in order to master.



Systematic Kinesiology can help


The Stress Release & Fatigue Recovery Talk will be run by myself, Des Richmond.  I have helped countless individuals over the years who initially presented with the classic symptoms of excess stress and continual exhaustion.  I have helped many clients to release their stress patterns and to install new positive thoughts patterns, which result in better health and better results. The treatment I use is based on subtle muscle testing (known as “Kinesiology”) to reveal exactly what you need, firstly to release the stress from the mind and dissipate the emotions, and secondly, reverse the effects the stress and exhaustion have had on the body.  Many of my students have gone on to help others through their clinics.

The result is a calm, clear optimistic mind and a rejuvenated, healthy energetic body.

  • Specific Reflex points to dissipate stress (fast)

  • Acupuncture points to release energy blocks/ support depletion (without needles)

  • E.F.T – Tapping on relevant acupuncture points to dissipate stress

  • Testing for and recommending specific Bach flower remedies to provide ongoing support for your stress/emotions outside the clinic.

  • Reflex point massage that moves fluids to specific organs or glands that are shown to need support. These points are called Neuro Lymphatics and Neuro Vascular points.

  • Rebalancing of the energetic centres of the body, Chakras + Aura etc. These can become unbalanced when unduly stressed.

  • Law of attraction Guidance – to help harness the power of your positive focus to improve your mood and get more of the results to DO want in your life and release what you don’t want.

  • Testing for and recommending nutritional supplements specific to your body’s unique requirements.

  • Checking for any toxin build up & testing for exact products to help you detoxify

  • Food testing procedures (food sensitivities/allergies can have a huge draining effect on the body & mind)

  • Recommendation of specific diet plans where indicated






Real life stories, real results


Not sure if this is right for you? Here is some feedback from previous clients, students and graduates


“Through Kinesiology treatments with Des, I was able to release emotions from losing relatives from 30 years ago which has given me back my confidence big time.  I also couldn’t walk fast at all and used to feel very tired very quickly and my stamina was very poor.  My energy levels are now way better and my back pain is gone!”
Anne Marie (Galway)
I was extremely ill last year and my health was basically shot.  I worked in Africa for many years and had to come home in September due to ill health.  Luckily, I have a very good doctor in Galway, who helped in my diagnosis of Grave’s disease, which causes overactive thyroid, in October 2013, and I was also completely burned out.  I decided, however, to also try some alternative therapies.  I first came into contact with Des at a holistic fair in Galway in September 2013 and was really impressed with what he managed to do in a very short time with some people who volunteered from the audience.  I decided to give it a try and found it life changing.  I had seven sessions with Des and it almost definitely contributed more than anything else to getting my health, energy, vitality and life back,  I now feel absolutely wonderful every day.  His work diagnosed that my adrenals were in a bad way, from the ongoing stress, and this was the underlying cause of my thyroid problems and he treated my adrenals especially.  It worked!!  My thyroid levels are now back to normal, in under 9 months, yet my consultant indicated that it would take at least 18 months.
       Key for me also was Des’ own personality, he is extremely caring, warm, kind, intuitive and very committed to helping his patients and interested i their wellbeing.  He listens so well and also gives really good advice and I will be alway grateful to him for how he helped me.  I will go to Des from time to time for maintenance sessions.  THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart – I’m so glad I found you.  You must try Kinesiology with Des Richmond.
Margo O’Sullivan (Galway)

” I was referred and treated to my first Kinesiology treatment by a very good friend.  My life was complicated by work and study related stress.  I was not sleeping and was feeling neck and shoulder stiffness plus internally I was constantly under pressure regarding my studies.  My treatments revealed an imbalance of necessary enzymes and vitamins and “adrenal stress”.  The recommended treatment was dietary supplements plus a recommended use of a “rebounder”.  I commenced the supplements as soon as possible and by the third treatment, I was sleeping better, had less study stress and I was internally calmer.
             My kinesiologist was most intuitive and showed a genuine and kind compassion to improve and treat me holistically.  I recommend a kinesiology treatment to all as with life’s internal and external “stressors” we all need a little (or a lot) of “re-balancing”…
Thank you again,
Michelle M (Galway)”


“Sleep was very bad before and I couldn’t relax properly, my muscles were “jumping” and I used to get up in the middle of the night. My body was totally stressed out.  My sleep has now improved immensely.”
Mary O’C (Galway)

“I was overweight and very tired and always struggling with what I had to do. I had all sorts of tests done in hospital and nothing showing. I was mentally bothered and worrying about things and always prayed for peace of mind. I had pains in my finger and ankle joints which medics had diagnosed as arthritis.

I attended Vachn for a reiki treatment and she referred me on to Des. At first I thought this would not help but I would have tried anything. He asked me to do the low GL diet for 2 weeks which I tried to do to the best I could. He assessed my body functions and gave me supplements for different areas of need. They were a bit expensive but now I reckon they were the cheapest miracle ever. He suggested iodine and tyrosine for my thyroid. Doctors had checked my bloods for thyroid disfunction and said that my thyroid was OK. Des also checked me for food allergies of which I had a few. I have avoided these foods also.

I took the supplement and did as Des said and from then on I felt an improvement in my whole well being. I got my energy back and was no longer falling asleep at the wheel of the car. I was beginning to enjoy life again. I didnt feel bothered and worried about things anymore. I had peace of mind. Chromium seems to have stopped my cravings for chocolate etc. I have gradually lost 1 stone in weight. The pains in my joints went away.  I am not tired, not sore and losing my weight now and I have peace of mind. I am like a new 54 year old woman.

I am intrigued by the work Des does and I certainly will keep up my regular check ups with Des because I fear ever going back to the way I felt before I came to him.”

Regards, Ann (Galway)


Systematic Kinesiology Training Athlone