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Free talks about Kinesiology

Free Talks About Systematic Kinesiology

If you are keen to learn more about health and wellness, then the perfect opportunity is to come along to one of our free talks about Systematic Kinesiology around the country. They take place in various locations, for approximately 60 minutes. 

Upcoming talks 

Please email the office on info@kinesiologyzone.com for a current list of talks and taster events.

What is Systematic Kinesiology?

Systematic Kinesiology is a specific method of analysing your body to identify the underlying causes of functional health problems as well as balancing the body’s energy.  When a muscle is found to test weak, then we look at what will restore normal function to these muscles and their related organs and treat what we find.

Systematic Kinesiology works with the body’s natural healing ability, and aids your recovery in a completely personalised way. What we find is that while a health issue, let’s take a migraine as an example.  Migraines could be due to structural imbalances in the neck for one person, yet for another it may have its cause in toxicity in the gut or other organ. And for another may be in part due to emotional stress.  Our whole person approach combines Emotional, Chemical, Physical and Energetic techniques, which also helps to join the dots and identify the root cause for you.



If you’d like to attend free talks about Kinesiology, this is for you if:

  • You have an interest in natural health;
  • Want to feel empowered, energised and healthy;
  • Get frustrated and confused by all the conflicting advice about health;
  • Would like to understand your own health better
  • Would like to reduce stress levels, get out of pain and
  • love to learn new things!

Common complaints Systematic Kinesiology can help with

Common reasons to see a practitioner is a combination of low energy, digestive problems, stress, anxiety, back pain, low mood, skin problems, learning difficulties, dyslexia, headaches, constipation, thyroid, adrenal issues, and lots lots more.

This whole system approach can find imbalances quickly. It can also identify what’s a priority to fix, what’s a compensation and help to understand why you feel like you feel.  We work with the body, it’s natural system of reflexes, identify lifestyle changes, and when combined together, gives the body everything it needs to recover faster.

Muscle testing helps to identify what your body needs.  It does not treat disease, but sets your body on the road to better health.

How do we restore normal function?

We look at all types of stress.  A mistake we make is that we associate stress as mental/emotional only.  But the wrong food can stress the body, structural imbalances, and many other hidden factors can stress the body in the same way.  Since these imbalances result in changes to how the muscles function, you might recognise that as tightness in areas, and weakness in others. Muscle testing, and our whole person approach to health, helps the skilled practitioner to interpret the results of the tests from your body.

It is the body’s nature to maintain health and well-being. The body is on our side and is always in a state of adaptation – responding to our daily activities, such as diet, movement, thoughts. However, when stresses become overwhelming, or we’re consciously unaware of hidden stresses, the body is often prevented from it’s natural state of balance.  Working with the body we are able to access more information giving clarity as to what to do.  Your body has all the information and we can access it by muscle testing.

Hear what other therapists had to say about Kinesiology –

“With most other therapies we are dependent upon the therapist to accurately interpret where the imbalance is and work with that. Kinesiology is completely different, as we rely totally upon the body to directly let us know exactly where the imbalance is. Through muscle testing the body rises again to the challenge to let us know where the priority is, what needs to be fixed first and then what we discover is all the other imbalances are corrected also. Kinesiology is in all respects a truly Holistic Complementary Therapy that addresses all aspects of the individual on the Mental, Emotional, Physical and Energetic level.” –Maria Stevens, Balanced Health Student

“I like how Kinesiology ties together with other Holistic training I have done. It also gives a glimpse of that’s possible diagnostically and the results are achievable.” – Jan Martyn, Balanced Health Student