December is the new January!

You are invited to our 10 day challenge to thrive


Let’s Make December the new January!!


Let’s THRIVE, not simply survive!

Are you tired of December being all about shopping, eating sugar and just waiting for Christmas day? We are… we decided to turn this sometimes stressful and busy month into a more positive month so we are you asking you: –

  • Did you know one new habit, focus or idea each day can help you thrive.

  • Are you ready to take a 10 day challenge that can dramatically improve your life?

Here at KinesiologyZone we know you don’t have to spend money or take time out of your busy schedule to see results.

Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to make big changes to notice an improvement in the quality of your life. And you will see the positive result that comes from taking small actions.

Let’s look at what we can all do to make a shift – join us FOR FREE in our online community event.  Let’s get the fresh enthusiastic feeling of January and together let’s end the year THRIVING!!

It costs nothing – simply join our Facebook “event” page and every day we’ll post our simple step for the day.

This group is going to support you as we share, laugh and grow together during the 10 days.


What are you waiting for? Let’s make December great and help you finish out the year thriving!

We start Monday 7th December

1 simple change each day


Make a Change message written in a wooden trunk and a red heart