While we often associate “being stressed” with emotions, the body is always responding to all types of different stresses.  One key source of daily stress is in the food we select to eat that actually may be causing a stress response, not only affecting us physically (bloating, tiredness, aches and pains) but emotionally too (irritable, down etc)

There are many ways the body can be stressed. I shared a video the other day about the wonderful Emotional Stress Release technique, and that’s often the first way we feel stressed. But food is also has a huge influence on how we feel.

Did you know that that wheat is a real “mood changer”? Eat too much of it and you feel toxic, even a bit low or depressed. Stop eating it for say 4-5 days and you’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll start to feel.

Wheat contains amongst other things gluten – which for many causes problems digestively. But it also contains lectins (a protein that can cause inflammation) and phytates which can block other nutrients from being absorbed. Honestly, when I gave up eating wheat I felt so much better. I know it’s hard, as for a few years it slipped back into my diet again. I felt tired, bloated and depressed. But in the last 6 months I’ve been stricter again – and I know, there is A LOT of wheat used in foods – so you have to be on the lookout for it on any labels. But it’s so worth it.

No video today but I’d love if you do give chosing to lose the wheat, tell me what you’ve gained instead – like a flat belly, no headaches, more energy?!

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If you are suffering from stress you really could be sabotaging your chances to better health by not considering the impact of your diet.  It’s what we do everyday that makes the difference.  Even if you consider your diet to be healthy, it’s well worth tracking what you eat, to note any patterns.

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