Marek’s "Diaphragm and Digestion" Workshops

15-16 April 2023
CityNorth Hotel, MI, Co Meath

Diaphragm course for kinesiologists
Most of us will be familiar with the importance of the diaphragm with regards to breathing but it also performs other vital functions that you are probably less familiar with such as posture and digestion.

Why how you breathe matters!
Anyone who has spent enough time learning about exercise and mindfulness or meditation, comes across a rather strange idea – that there is more than one way to breathe. Most of the time we don't think about breathing, our body breathes on its own without us having to tell it how! But knowing the full story behind "diaphragm breathing" will help you get deeper and more relaxed breathing, and will help you support your body in a safe, protective posture.

The diaphragm supports your posture too
The diaphragm is the one important structure that helps integrate lumbar stability. While many practitioners focus on the ability of the diaphragm to maintain an adequate breath, they forget it plays an integral part in providing stability and mobility to the lumbar vertebrae. This attachment goes as low as the L1-L3, so that’s a pretty far reach when we breathe.

This course, along with a second day on Digestion is taking place on 15-16 April at CityNorth Hotel.

€300 full price
€220 Early Bird (book before 21 March)

Cancellation Policy:  Any cancellation will attract a €10 admin fee.  Otherwise, 50% of the full course fee charged on cancellations received between 30 and 21 calendar days of the start date.  Regrettably, no refunds can be made 20 days before the start date of course.

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