Brian H Butler was the first to pioneer the practice of Kinesiology in Britain and Europe in 1976. Hear from him in this last video talking about the power of our minds, a major part of our whole person approach.

    Transform Your Health with What You Think

    Positivity and negativity

    One of the belief systems we are brought up with is the notion that sickness, ill health and the inevitable demise of the body is the way life is. That it’s “to be expected” at certain ages to have certain conditions.

    However, if our underlying belief about life or health is one of positivity, then to a certain extent this will determine how we experience life.

    It is also true that the extent to which we resist the flow of negativity with which we are surrounded, then the negative effect will be diminished.

    In Brian Butler’s last video in this series he explores the power of our thinking:

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    Whatever it is that dominates our thinking, produces our current experience.


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