Brian H Butler was the first to pioneer the practice of Kinesiology in Britain and Europe in 1976. Hear from him in this video talking about the meridian energy we work with.

    The Meridian System of the human body

    Meridian System is made up of pathways of energy/qi (chi) that flow through the body.

    Qi flows continuously from one meridian to another. Any break in the flow is an indication of imbalance. If a person’s vitality or energy is recognizably diminished it is an indication that the body’s organs or tissues are functioning poorly, therefore the qi flow is inadequate.

    In Systematic Kinesiology we can detect low flow of energy from the response of muscles which are associated with meridian energy.  Our muscles are connected to the different energy circuits of the body.

    Kinesiology can address many of the body’s electrical imbalances.  Knowing about the energy flows greatly improves our ability to help the sick, especially when this knowledge is used in conjunction with other modalities.  When the life force energies are well balanced, the individual feels the beneficial effect immediately, and an enhanced sense of wellbeing is experienced.

    Kinesiology muscle testing can reveal where the bio-computers which control all bodily functions at an electro-magnetic level are out of tune.

    In this next video Brian introduces the powerful meridian system

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