Gemma McGowan is an experienced Systematic Kinesiologist, a busy mum of two (very different babies) and a breastfeeding advocate.  She has seen the huge issue around the support (or lack of it) for women who want to breastfeed.
In her experience, many women who seek support are getting poor advice and Gemma wants to change this.



As Systematic Kinesiologists our role is to promote and support optimum health and well being. And we all know just how important food and nutrition are. Human breast milk is the ONLY food that is biologically normal for a human infant to consume. Anything outside of that before six months in NOT biologically normal, and the implications are pretty huge.

As healthcare practitioners, it is important that we understand the wonders of breastmilk and the health implications of formula feeding. Also what is biologically normal for breastfed babies in terms of feeding and sleeping patterns which will be very different to the patterns of a formula fed baby

On this special educational Masterclass you will learn

  1. The amazing properties of human breast milk
  2. The 4th Trimester
  3. The Virgin Gut
  4. Health implications of formula feeding and early weaning
  5. Common reasons why a mother might come to a Kinesiologist for help
  6. How we CAN help and when we should refer onwards to a Breastfeeding counsellor or Lactation consultant
  7. How we can best support and encourage vulnerable Mums so that their breastfeeding journey continues.


This special masterclass will empower YOU and help you to support nursing women and their babies.

1-hour masterclass with resources: €15

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happy family. Mom and baby resting in a meadow in the summer outdoors in the park