New training dates to be announced this Friday (21st November)

Make Your Dream Come True - Motivational Slogan Handwritten

If you are SERIOUS about making a difference and following your dream to improve the health of yourself and those around you, then Friday is an exciting day!

I know that deep inside all of us is a yearning not only to do more, but to grow and learn and help more as well. Many of you have been emailing, messaging me via FB, even calling and asking WHEN can you book a place on the Balanced Health course in Systematic Kinesiology.

Well this is just a quick announcement that we should be ready to email you this Friday 21st November when the doors officially OPEN for the classes of 2015.  If you’re not already on our mailing list, just look up at the top right hand corner of this page where it says, “Download the FREE GUIDE” – while that may be slightly out of date prior to Friday, you’ll be on the mailing list to receive notification when the doors open!

There will be special offers, payment plans and fast action bonuses available!

You will be the first to be notifiied and you can book your place and even START with our early access to some of the training videos immediately.

WHAT would your life look like if you started training in as holistic a therapy as Systematic Kinesiology?

Just imagine ….. interviews Siobhan Guthrie, Systematic Kinesiology

An interview with Siobhan Guthrie about Systematic Kinesiology

I was invited to CRC (Community Radio Castlebar) for interview about Kinesiology.
I first experienced Kinesiology in 1995 and this is a little of my story.

Find out how I work with clients, and how we approach health.

Siobhan Guthrie on CRCfm by Johnny Oosten on Mixcloud

Breast Health – Every woman should know about

Breast Health – What every woman should know about

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide, with nearly 1.7 million new cases diagnosed in 2012 (second most common cancer overall). This represents aboExamination Breasts Against Cancer Threatut 12% of all new cancer cases and 25% of all cancers in women. It is the fifth most common cause of death from cancer in women.

Breast cancer risk doubles each decade until menopause, after which the increase slows.

Breast lumps, breast congestion, and breast discomfort cause a great deal of concern for millions of women.

Tips to improve Breast Health

Exercise – Doctors agree that regular moderate exercise is essential to attain, and to maintain optimum health.  And no less for breast health.  Two main lymphatic drainage points are in the chest and the lymphatic system is stimulated by muscle movement.  If you are mostly sitting down every day, it could mean that your lymphatic flow is decreased by awoman walking towards unknown placesbout 90%. You do not have to be an exercise buff, or use up hours in exercise for it to be effective.  Simply brisk walking, swinging both arms is a very good way to get exercise, even just for 20-30 minutes.  It stimulates the flow of lymph effectively. No equipment is needed and the benefits are many.

Skin Brushing – It can accelerate the flow of lymph through tiny vessels and into the main lymphatic drainage ducts.

Avoid the uses of antiperspirants – It is very important for the sweat glands of the body to be able to release perspiration. (

Wear garments that fit well – The health of any body depends upon the free flow of body fluids through the tissues of that part. For example do not be tempted to exercise in your day wear bra. Your breasts need the extra support from a sports bra.

Rebounding – It pumps the lymph through the system most effectively (

Drink pure water – For your long term health make sure that the water you drink is as pure as can be reasonably made.

Balanced Diet – Those who are properly nourished , and have a really balanced intake of vitamins and minerals in their diet, are much less affected by pollution, radiation and other external toxic influences.

Systematic Kinesiologists use the Chapman reflexes which stimulate the lymphatic system and help its movement. If you feel sluggish, lead a mostly sedentary lifestyle, and suffer tender breasts (that the doctors have checked and you’re cleared of a more serious problem), then I invite you to consider booking a treatment with a practitioner.   The Association of Systematic Kinesiology in Ireland has a full practitioner listing


Prevention is better than cure

Breast Health

Food allergies vs food sensitivities. And Systematic Kinesiology

A common question I get asked is about Food Allergies and and Food Sensitivities.

Here’s my answer that I recorded while I am on a walk – multi tasking as ever.

Systematic Kinesiology is all about finding out what is stressing you, and food can be a common stressor.  It’s not the only thing, and often when we become sensitive to a lot of foods, it more of a sign that the body is out of balance and responding to a lot more stresses than just food.  So while it can be helpful to avoid certain foods for a certain length of time, and it’s only part of the path to recovery.

Stress is the #1 cause of chronic illnesses in the modern world.  Your body is designed to be respond to stress in a certain way – the fight/flight response.  When your body is responding to a stress (like running away from danger) it turns it’s attention away from other less essential “in the moment” needs – like digestion, fighting infections, even logical thinking can be affected – because if you’re running away from danger you haven’t time to think about it you just have to respond.  So we spend our lives responding to stressful stituations, not always feeling like we’ve time to think about it.

In the Balanced Health Course, we teach you how to reduce the effects of worries and stresses of today, and how to do test foods.  People’s lives can literally be changed because they find out that some of their symptoms are related to the foods they’re eating, and that they are constantly in a stress response place.

The video is much shorter than what I’ve written above – it’s really about the question, but that has inspired the above post now.

Enjoy, and the bird song 🙂

What is your calling in life?

Sometimes you see something that catches a spirit. 

A spirit of strength, hard work and courage.  I saw this on YouTube and I just loved it, so thought I’d share it here.

If you’re being called to do something more, to grow past your current situation, to be a part of something bigger, and want to make progress, comment below what it is.  Would love to hear!

If you’re interested in Systematic Kinesiology, then I’d love to talk with you about the
Balanced Health course – let’s find out if it will help you achieve your dream. 

Check out our complimentary “Balanced Health Discovery Session”

What Is Your Dream

A SIMPLER Lifestyle by losing the stress

Stress – we all have it, and most clients feel it’s inevitable.

Inevitable in a way which means I believe “there’s nothing I can do about it“…..

Which results in a feeling of helplessness…..

Which results in not feeling very empowered by the situation so I’m stuck with it…..

But it can help to take the view that there is always a choice.  [Albeit the alternative may not be what you want either]. But unless we start to at least be open to the possibility that there is another way of thinking, then we’ll remain focussed on the problem, and remain stressed.

There is always another way to look at a situation.

Let’s take sky diving.  NOT something I have ever wanted to do (well I tell I lie, I did briefly consider it when in New Zealand 20 years ago but I was young and foolish, but it got called off due to too much cloud cover, WHEW!), and it is my belief that I’m just too much of a wimp to do it.

My mother on the other hand, on her 70th birthday decided this WAS something she wanted to do! (Maybe you get MORE foolish as you grow older?)

Anyway, my point is, the situation is neutral.
One belief is that it’s too scary, you’d have to be mad to even consider it.
Another belief is that it would be an amazing experience and a great opportunity to raise money for charity.

The situation isn’t one or the other, it just is.  But an example of two (very) opposing beliefs, opinions, or choices – whatever you want to call it.

OK so sky diving might have you firmly in one court and no amount of “belief change” work is gonna convince you.  How about the situation you find yourself in today, tomorrow and for the foreseeable future?

How do you go about releasing a whole multitude of stresses, those worries that go around and around in your head, which you wished just didn’t anymore?

First of all to recognise that there IS another way to at least look at any situation.

A trick I learned is to first ask yourself; Is what I believe true?  For example, you just said to yourself “I can’t afford to buy organic food”.  Ask yourself, is that true? On the surface you can just believe your blanket statement.  But the next trick is to dig a little deeper and to list at least 3 ways that belief is incorrect, or that the opposite belief is true.  It’s hard for the brain to hold onto two opposing beliefs at the same time.

What our minds interpret as stress, causes the body to react to our interpretation.

Every felt embarrassed? What did your body do?  … Most likely you felt a completely involuntary reddening of your face, and evening a burning sensation that there was nothing you could do to stop!  In short you blushed.  You blushed as a reaction to a situation that you interpreted as embarrassing (to you).

The body is designed to respond but sometimes it gets stuck in a stress response permanently because we never switch off!

This simple technique in the video below will help your reaction to stresses. It’s a wonderfully simple way to feel instantly better, and help that stress response to relax a little.

Give this a go now, it really is simple and will take you 3 minutes (I know, I know, you’re time poor).  But these 3 minutes might help you sleep better, feel more relaxed and help you focus on new solutions.  Well worth it!

Let me know how you get on:

 Oh yes, and my mum DID the sky dive!


Last call for students in Systematic Kinesiology

Looking for a rewarding career? Want to get started in 2014?

In know, it’s only April, but if you are looking to join our Diploma course in 2014 then there is no time to waste!  We have two start dates to the Diploma this year – March 2014 and July 2014.  You can start the professional training when you have completed the Balanced Health  Course.  Look at what our current students are already able to do!

Another “win” from a student who’s doing the BH foundation course in Systematic Kinesiology.

It is always rewarding to see the impact they’re having.  When one student told us about a treatment I really wanted to share it with you, as you can just imagine how this little girl felt about her number one stress.  We all have a number one stress, and being able to release that stress is so simple yet so powerful with “Emotional Stress Release”.  I just had to share it with you.

Student using ESR

And the mother told me that there was no problem the next morning with her going to school!  So wonderful.  During the training, each week the students post their accountability on what they’ve done to help their family, friends and clients (if they are already trained in another therapy).  Every week we have more and more examples of how the students are really embracing Systematic Kinesiology, especially while they do the online part of the course.

Joanne Case Study

And it’s not just the people you work on who benefit.  Elaine couldn’t wait to tell us how much more energy she’s had since the first live weekend of training.Elaine

So is this FOR YOU too?

At the moment, we’re just collecting names (and locations) of those who are very keen to start their trainingthis year. This is not for you if you’re not ready to act now, not passionate about helping others, or not willing to travel.  We don’t know yet where this Last Chance Catch Up Course will take place or when, but it’ll be very soon – Late April/Early May.

Whether you already work as a complementary therapist or have a strong desire to train as one, this course is for you! 

The idea is that you will start with a live workshop (usually 2 days), but for this course it will be a 3 day training.   The Online Course usually takes place over 8 weeks, but we will cover some of that on the 3rd day of training so that you can complete the course and be ready for the 2nd live weekend.  You then will complete the course with your choice of 2nd weekend in Kilkenny, Athlone, Kanturk or Bray on 7-8 June or 14-15 June, meaning you will finish together with our other students, who you’ll meet “virtually” in our very active Facebook Group and on our monthly Q&A calls.

To register your interest

Put your name and email and town where you are situated to let us know you’re interested and then you can be advised when arrangements have been finalised.  When you register your interest you’ll also be able to download the full brochure which explains exactly what you learn on the course.  Can’t wait to see you on our Last Chance Catch Up course starting soon :-).

call the TASK office on 087 271 9863.  There’s ONE place left!


Do you stop yourself before you even start?

Why I’m doing (or did) Operation Transformation

  • It’s more than the accountability
  • It’s being part of something bigger than me
  • It’s an energy and buzz of joining over 100,000 people.

Most people would probably consider me pretty healthy, but I must confess I am not fit.  And fitness is a huge part of being healthy.  I know which foods to avoid and juice quite a bit.  But I pretty much loathe any form of exercise that involves cardio.  I enjoy yoga, pilates and walking along a beach – and when I say walking, I really mean strolling.

So when my sister texted me and said she was joining Operation Transformation at the Westport Leisure Park, I had already been “thinking” about it, but her text(s) were enough of a prompt for me to say yes.  Yes to getting fit (and to losing a bit of weight gained over the 3 month Christmas period to be honest).  Life is always full of opportunities, every day.  You have to decide to look out for them. They won’t necessarily hit you like a bolt of lightening; it might be a simple text, an email, a friend inviting you to join them. And it was starting in an hour’s time.  That was Monday 6th January.   We assembled into a team of 5 – we called ourselves the “Ladies of Leisure” because 2 of them worked at the Leisure Park.  Al, Ger, Louise, Rachel my sis, and myself. And there were about 45 teams!  HUGE BUZZ.

They say to have success we have to do things differently.  But really it’s more about doing different things.  So if I wanted to have the energy, motivation and good feelings then what I was doing wasn’t really working.

Maybe I was lazy? I didn’t feel like I was choosing to be lazy, but I still felt guilty about being lazy.

So while my diet was ok, I decided to do different things – I added in exercise, first time really in about 16 years.  The Westport Leisure Park were offering a super deal if you signed up for 2 classes each week for the 7 week programme.  So I did it.  Got out of my comfort zone and said yes to a spinning class (because I heard people who do it LOVE it) and a kettle bells cardio class.

After 1 week of walking and 2 fitness classes, the following week’s walk became a ½ walk ½ run which to me and my sis sounded impossible.  But we did as much as we could and surprised ourselves.  Another week in and 2 more fitness classes I felt like a new woman.  6lbs down, I already feeling a stone lighter.  We laughed at how good we were starting to feel, and how addictive the exercise was started to feel.  Who were we??

The Ladies of Leisure supported each other with group texts, every day, and “doing it for the team”.  We all found a slight competitive nature in ourselves! We kept on the plan, weighed in weekly, came along to the weekly Operation Transformation (pep) Talk and Walk, turned up to the spinning (which I didn’t like) and kettle bells classes (which I did), every week and while it didn’t always show in the scales we were having fun because we were feeling it in our clothes and our energy.  More than that we felt alive!  Of course we had a slip ups, injuries, aches and pains, but we kept going because it felt good to be a part of something that was life changing.

Yesterday Monday 24th February was the final meeting to celebrate the stats.  Everyone won by just turning up.  EVERY team lost weight overall and everyone was enjoying the feel good factor, especially when Jan/February can be such dull, hibernation months!  And like Collette our spinning instructor said, the easy part was signing up.  285 signed up, 225 finished.  WOW!  Westport is now 88 stone (1232 lbs) LIGHTER!


But what I’m most proud of is my new friends in Ladies of Leisure. Our team lost 26.8kg or 6.94% of our body weight and came 2nd overall. We won a prize!  Oh how we laughed!  Us, the fitness fanatics!  And you know what? We’re going to keep going.  Take advantage of all that OT has given us, and start training for the Ladies West of Ireland Mini Marathon on May 4th!

What I would have completely dismissed (and did dismiss) only 8 weeks ago is now something I want, and can see myself doing.  And I may not be able to run the whole way, but I’m going to enjoy the training, learning how my body responds, and feel the buzz by being consistent!

Sometimes you just have to do what’s in front of you NOW.  Say yes to the first step, not the whole staircase.  In fact, I’ve learned is just run for a minute, and then walk.  Don’t be thinking about the whole hour!  I thought I’d do a couple of classes a week and that would be that.  I just never knew what life had planned for me.  I am not the same person today as I was then, that short time ago.

Don’t put off your dreams because you think that it’s out of your range today.  Enjoy the journey, do what you can consistently, push yourself, and embrace the results.  We did the work every week, supported and encouraged each other, focussed on our daily actions, and the results speak for themselves!   A simple formula (not always easy) but isn’t that what life is about?

If you are looking for a “different thing” to do, then look no further than Balanced Health.
If you dream about a career as a holistic practitioner, to help others with their health ….

… JOIN US!  You’ve read this far …. check out the first step now:

We have 3 courses starting soon.  Would love to see you there


“If we wait till we’re ready we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives”.

What YOU can do after one weekend of Balanced Health

Ever wondered what you can actually do after just one weekend?
What about what can happen in class on the first day?

Here’s what one student on the Kilkenny class rushed to email me:

I arrived at day one of our foundation course on Saturday in Kilkenny feeling excited
and anxious at the same time. After being diagnosed with Vertigo just a few days
before my head was still feeling quite clouded, heavy and somewhat dizzy. My husband
brought me to the course so I wouldn’t have to drive as I did not want to miss out
on the course after looking forward to it for so long. When Elma asked for someone
to come forward for the first muscle test (Supraspinatus), I put myself forward.
Once Elma had finished holding the neuro-vascular points I was amazed to realise
that my head was clear and felt so much better than it had been for the last week.
It is just amazing how quickly I got relief, I can’t get over it! I am so grateful for
what I have learned and the advice I got from Elma. A great start to a great weekend!”

And another student who just completed her Level I weekend in Dublin last week, went home and used what she’d learned on her mum and husband.  I love when students do this.  Some will wait and wait till they “know more”, but Joanne understood that when your intention is to help, when your focus is on the person you’re treating rather that what you don’t know, miracles can and do happen.

Just read what Joanne shared in our Facebook Group for students.

Joanne Case Study

And remember that’s after ONE weekend of training. I’m so proud of Joanne for taking what she learned and going for it! If you’ve ever thought about doing one of our courses, have a dream to start a new career, love learning about how the body has an incredible power to heal itself – then you’re in luck.  We have three more courses starting extremely soon – in Athlone, Kanturk (Co Cork) and Bray (Co Wicklow).

If you’re interested in becoming a Holistic Practitioner in Systematic Kinesiology
you’re in the right place! 

Rush Here Now to Discover What You Can Learn on the Balanced Health Course

I look forward to meeting you.

Brand New Taster Events

There’s nothing quite like experiencing Kinesiology and muscle testing for YOURSELF.

You can read all you like about it, ask lots questions about it, even watch the videos on this website.  But when it comes to really understanding what it is, you have to experience it!  But if you haven’t seen a video yet, then take a few minutes to see a little of what Systematic Kinesiology is:

So how would you like to experience muscle testing (being tested AND testing others) as well as balancing weaknesses before you commit to a course?

You will get some hands on experience of muscle testing and you’ll learn how the Balanced Health Foundation  could be the first step to becoming a fully qualified Kinesiologist.  This two hour Taster Event is perfect for you.

Fee to attend: €25 (refundable when you join the Balanced Health Course starting in September)

This will be a fun 2 hours, with new information, new skills, where you’ll meet lots of likeminded people.

We have TASTER EVENTS happening natinwide 

You’ll walk away having experienced muscle testing, have a great understanding of Kinesiology and have an insight into the training.  Ideal if you are drawn to helping others, want to start a holistic health career or take care of your families health with natural methods. NicolaRooneyDiploma Gemma-McGowan-copy-SM