Avoid the Use of Anti Perspirants

Avoid the Use of Anti Perspirants (FREEING UP THE LYMPH CHANNELS)

The sweat glands in the armpit are vital to upper chest health. They are a direct route out of the body of many nitrogenous and other toxic waste products. They also allow the skin to “breathe”. It is very important for the sweat glands of the body to be able to release perspiration. Perspiration evaporates from these glands even when the armpit feels dry. This evaporation causes a flow of fluids to replace the amount of perspiration that evaporates.

Closeup On Young Woman Applying Deodorant On UnderarmPerspiration contains materials which attract bacteria which multiply rapidly in the warm, damp environment of the armpit. Unpleasant armpit odour is largely due to these bacteria. It is not necessary to seal the sweat gland ducts with varnish, or glue like substances in order to prevent odour. It is only necessary to use some type of deodorant that kills off the offending bacteria. This neutralises any odour which may come from the sweat itself. Ordinary perspiration, and sweat from exertion does not smell strongly in a fit and healthy person. It is only when a person is cleansing toxic matter that any odour is noticeable. Another good reason to exercise regularly!

Perspiration which is caused by nervousness, mental tension, or fear, often has a more distinctive odour. This odour helps make us consciously aware that we are nervous, and signals to others that we are under tension whether they realise it or not. This odour can be neutralised with an appropriate deodorant. The formulations vary from one manufacturer to another, no one deodorant suits everyone, so it is important to find one which suits you.

Maybe, you could plan only to use a deodorant which contains anti-perspirants when you know that you are going to exert yourself a lot, or when you are likely to be nervous, as when on a first date or job interview. Otherwise, avoid anti-perspirants wherever possible.


There are lots of natural, and very safe alternatives to keeping odor free.

You may want to check out your local health food shops for types of deodorant which are based on natural herb formulas, which may be just as effective for you. Many people worry about the list of chemicals found in antiperspirants – like aluminium, parabens, and triclosan for example.

An anti-perspirant’s job is to seal up the pores of the underarm with lacquer or other substances that dry, and leave a coating over the skin’s pores to in theory prevent sweating. But of course the lymph’s role is to excrete the toxins it has collected from the body, so many people still find that they are sweating regardless.

You can buy natural deodorants that do not contain these substances.  Some natural deodorants use essential oils which have natural anti bacterial properties and are kind to the skin.  Other natural alternatives are to use baking soda or even lemon juice (though not on recently shaved armpits!).

If you use a natural alternative you’d like to share with us, comment below.