• Learn Systematic Kinesiology in Australia

Learn Systematic Kinesiology in Australia

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Bettina Steed

A graduate of The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology and lives in Perth, Australia.

Siobhan Guthrie

Siobhan Guthrie, Kinesiology, TASK Ireland, KiinesiologyZone

Siobhan is Principal of TASK Ireland since 2000.  Here at KinesiologyZone we are passionate about the future of Systematic Kinesiology and the impact that it can have around the world.

Applied Kinesiology was started in 1964 by Dr George Goodheart. He shared his ideas with other chiropractors and John Thie synthesised the basics into a programme for lay people. These original ideas were so powerful and simple, thousands took it up.  Accurate muscle testing, tried and tested for over 50 years is not only demonstrable, the results are often instantaneous, visible and tangle when you experience it for yourself.

Brian Butler first brought Kinesiology to Europe and taught many of those who went on to teach others. Staying true to the original teachings, the powerful techniques are being brought to Perth, Australia in February 2017.

KinesiologyZone is a truly holistic approach to understanding your own body, health and vitality. It is a blend of modern and ancient healing modalities, that can address a wide range of symptoms by getting to the root cause, and by supporting the body to heal itself.

A fundamental principle of Systematic Kinesiology is that we look at health from a holistic perspective. By working with a wide range of areas – emotional, nutritional, physical and energetic systems – results are impressive.

What makes Systematic Kinesiology unique is that the skilled practitioner is accessing the intelligence of the client’s body. The body then reveals what is out of balance and what it needs to return to wholeness.  Our main tool we use is muscle testing.  This is the body’s biofeedback tool and the practitioner can identify what is stressing the body, as well as interpret what corrections the body needs to come back into balance.