Are you a health leader?

What it takes to make it as a Health Leader

Leadership involves motivating people to be their best.  And health leaders are in pursuit of the art of all things health focussed.   The importance of our health, in terms of high physical energy as well as emotional maturity, is second to none.  Without health we have nothing.  The decisions you make every day about what to eat, what to believe and how you feel about health are either making you feel good, empowered and strong OR quite the opposite.  And all that will determine what you do each day, the actions you take and ultimately the results you get in all areas of your life.

Would you agree that if you feel tired and stressed you make unhealthy decisions?

You go to the supermarket and grab the first thing you see, you don’t care if it’s healthy, the only criteria becomes, is it tasty and will it fill me, because you’re tired and you want to treat yourself?  You might just take an evening off in front of the TV rather than go for that walk you know would have energised you?  And then you look back and wonder what you’ve done that day!

Yet when you feel good you make much better decisions.

You feel self-motivated, ooze vitality and have more drive.  Life is good!  You see, how we are feeling emotionally makes a huge difference to the quality of our lives.  And that is determined by what we choose to focus on (again a decision) and the actions you take.  One situation, two different viewpoints.  Which one will you focus on?

People often ask me, “how are you so positive?”  Yet I know that’s not always the case.  We all have certain emotions that we feel more comfortable feeling.  For example, I’ll bet you know someone who flies off the handle at the slightest thing; it feels like they love finding ways to be angry.  Other people are worriers.  They only seem happy when they’ve something to be worried about.

We all do things for a reason, and for me, if I’m feeling less than positive, a bit low, it’s usually right after a period of high activity, lots of teaching, conferences, training etc.  But by reconnecting with what I love, by shifting my focus, it helps me to understand me.  I also know that it’s not forever, and moods change all the time.  So on one hand I recognise it’s recognising my natural need for a rest.  My drive comes from helping others and training people who are helping others with their health.

I want to challenge you to step up to become a health leader.

In times of crisis we need leaders, and there’s a health crisis at the moment. Put aside all your doubts, reasons and even other commitments, and do whatever you can to join us on a foundation course. By caring and taking action, you too can step up to be a health leader, show the way to better health in your family, your town and your world.

Even though I’ve been teaching Systematic Kinesiology since 2000, as a leader I know the learning never stops. I continue to invest in my own learning and attend lots of courses myself.  I’m always growing to become more, and love sharing what I’ve learned with my students.  This past year I’ve found myself in San Francisco, London (twice), Portugal, Belfast, Dublin, New York and New Jersey – (I find getting away often helps in gaining a new perspective) all to learning more, to push myself, and discover new insights around what makes the difference.

Some decisions we make shape how we feel today, and others will shape our destiny.  Ultimately they’re all important.  But if you’re waiting till there’s nothing in your way, till everything is perfect, I’m afraid it doesn’t exist.

“There is a powerful driving force inside every human being that
once unleashed, can make a vision, dream or desire
a reality” – Tony Robbins

So what is your focus for this year?

What natural gifts, resources and drive have you already inside you that could make a significant impact on your health, your family and friends?  Helping people will bring you more satisfaction than you ever thought possible.  The question then is what action will you take towards your goal, TODAY?

What does it take to make it? A belief that you’re here to do and be more; getting the right training and support that’ll get you to where you want to go!  Ready to join us?

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