13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

We couldn’t help being impressed and moved by a list compiled by Amy Morin, a psychotherapist and licensed clinical social workers especially after hearing her background story.

When Amy Morin experienced tragedy first hand, she began to rethink this optimistic method. She realized that focusing on her strengths—and ignoring my weaknesses—had serious limitations. She started to pay close attention to needed to pay close attention to the bad habits that held16682060 me back. Complaining about her circumstances and distracting herself from the pain made her  feel better in the short term but would only cause her more problems over the long term.

In her book, “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do,” author Amy Morin writes that developing mental strength is a “three pronged approach. It’s about controlling your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions.

Here are 13 things mentally strong people do not do, according to Morin


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“My dark days made me strong. Or maybe I already was strong and they made me prove it.” [Tweet This]

For all the time we spend concerned about physical strength and health, when it comes down to it, mental strength can mean even more. Hear Amy Morrin’s Tedtalk to hear more..